Welcome Home Baxter

You guys!! You might think I am crazy for what I am about to tell you, but it’s alright because I probably am. I got another dog! I am so excited to introduce you to the newest little member of my family, Baxter. This little guy is so adorable and sweet, but can be a holy terror when he wants to be.


I adopted him from a farm about 30 minutes from my house from a sweet family that had been taking care of him. Him and his siblings were not planned, but she still took fantastic care of them and made sure to find them good, loving homes. He is an Australian Shepard-Beagle mix and is arguably the softest thing to ever exist.


Both his mom and dad are large dogs, and he is growing so fast that he will catch up to them in no time at all. I got him on Labor day when he turned 6 weeks old and he was so little. Now 3 months old, he has tripled in size and I am sure he won’t stop anytime soon.

He LOVES to chew on anything and everything in sight – baseboards, shoes, dresser knobs, chairs, furniture, curtains, and especially socks. I think I may run out of socks if he does not ease up soon. He not only eats housewares, but all of the food we give him (and even the food we don’t).

Patches thinks that we adopted him just for her. Molly tolerates him most of the time because she thinks she rules the roost, but will play with him sometimes. I am so excited to have my sweet guy as part of our family. We cannot wait to watch him learn and grow. I hope you enjoyed meeting Baxter. I can assure you there will be more cuteness to come!





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