What’s in My Bag?

If you do not already know, I am picky about what I like to buy, and I do not like change. If I find something that I like, I am loyal to it until the end. Today, I want to show you some of my favorite brands and products that I use for work and, of course, where you can buy them. From scrubs to scissors to pens, let’s get started!

These are my favorite bandage/trauma scissors because they are durable and sharp. Even though they are a touch big, they fit easily into the side cargo pockets on scrub pants. I also love that they have a blunt tip that protects the patient from being cut. I ordered these Survivewear Trauma Scissors on Amazon for only $5.97!

This pen light is so useful, especially if you are not used to measuring pupils because it has a handy pupil sizing guide on the side. It is LED and plenty bright; it could probably even be used with the lights on if needed because it is that bright. It comes with the batteries needed, so it is ready to go. I also ordered this dual-pack Opoway Pen Light on Amazon for $8.99!

I have tried many a scrub brand only to end up hating them after a few weeks, either because they did not wash well or the were uncomfortable. However, I LOVE these scrubs so much. They fit so well and are incredibly comfortable. I do not like scrubs that have a high cotton ratio; I like more of a polyester-spandex blend which is what these are. I bought my sets of these at my local scrubs store, however you can order them from many different places online. These run a little so small, so beware when choosing your size. These are Dickies EDS scrubs, and they come in a variety of colors in case your workplace is color-coded like mine is. They run about $35-$40 per set. If you want a scrubs jacket, they cost around $20.

Oh boy, do I love pens! I am also super picky about the kind of pens that I like. Mostly, gel pens are my favorites, even though they are a little pricier. These G2 pens are great! They are around $10 for five pens. However, thy last forever unless your co-workers take them or you lose them. They come in different thicknesses. The 0.7 is fine, and the 1.0 is thicker. I prefer the thicker pens myself. You can find these on the home office isle at any local Wal-Mart of or at any Staples.

While there are many great options out there for stethoscopes, I love the one I bought in nursing school. The one I own is a Littmann Classic III™ 27″ Monitoring Stethoscope. I can hear so well out of it, and it has both a diaphragm and a bell. It is easily found on most any website that sells stethoscopes or medical supplies, including Amazon. They run about $100.

Thanks for reading me post! I hope these suggestions gave you some good ideas on quality products.



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